Sunday, November 2, 2014

Followers for Vodka Samm - Part 1

With apologies to Daniel Keyes.

November 2, 2014

Goooooooooooferrrrrs! LMAO. ILLIONOIS?!!  LMAO!  minisooooooDUH got trounced by these losers?  RAH!! Junk team with a dump stadiette getting FLUKE cupcake wins and going to bowls in buttfuck detroit! Loserville minisooooooooooDUH barely beat Turdue. RAH!

ClusterFuckCirt’s HAWKEYS go to shit STADIETTE this weekend to beat JERRI KEEL and DUH cupcake store Goooooofers. The duck FCS powerhouses like NDSU and UNI! RAH!!

Yesterday the LOOSERS at BHGP told me I was banned from everywhere on the Innernet and they wanted to help. Said NCDOUCHEA said telling goofer recruits about MURDERapolis was a violation. You just can’t make this shit up!!!

They said if I get 13,000 Twitter followers I’ll be NORMAL and allowed back on the internet. LMFFAAO. Said they got a bunch of followers for Vodka Samm and now she’s normal and want to do the same thing for me and they’d get 13,000 followers for me tomorrow.

Goofers suck hairy, fat ones and their Gooferhole fans swallow.....LMFAO!!

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