Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hunjover Twitterverse Recap 8.24.2011

So, I guess we’re supposed to do something every day to keep readers engaged. Who knew? Anyway, here’s the first installment of the Hunjover Twitterverse Recap, summarizing the last five tweets from whenever we put this together that have a Gophers hashtag. It’s the least we can do, so we’re doing it.

@1500ESPN1500 ESPN TwinCities
Jerry Kill defends MarQueis Gray's accuracy: 'He is in the grind days' #Gophers (via the 1500 ESPN SportsWire)…

Oh, we’re not actually reading any of the links, so don’t expect more than a cursory recap. Looks like KILL is trying to calm the fears that Gray has a baby arm. And an inaccurate one at that.
University of Minnesota marching band welcomes in the new rookies tomorrow! #prideofminnesota #gophers @TheUMMB. Proud to be an alum.

Fellow teamMNdrunj member letting us know the band is getting back together. Hopefully there will be no Badger-styled hazing. If I had ever belonged to anything, I’d pimp it like mad too.
This John Nash-like collection of hashtags makes my face hurt. We wish Jose well.

@LoyalBig10FansBig Ten News
New U President Eric Kaler: Q & A: Minneapolis Star-Tribune » The University of Minnesota's #gophers #minnesota

Prexy K giving interviews, apparently. All the while, not firing BADger Joel Macturi. Copyright, Wren.
That's some funny shit. Learn that your one year w/the #Gophers? RT @KrisHumphries: "@scottdisick follow me back or I will kidnap Mason lol"

Someone responding with something to Kris Kardashian going on about something. Kidnapping or something. #gophers

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  1. I heard the band practicing at TCF last Friday when I went there to watch the Gopher practice. Except they weren't there so I went to Stub and Herb's instead. Also, some long-hairs were outside tossing a frisbee with the athletic ability of...well, band people.