Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why We Hate Part 3: Wisconsin Facts

Hate week continues with some important facts you should know about Wisconsin.

FACT: The female badger is called a sow.

This is apropos considering the female population of Wisconsin is, well, large.  Consider the following evidence:

Female American Badger (Sow)

OK, so finding the big ones on the internet was tough.  The one on the right has a dumb purse though.

 FACT: Iowa Grad/Wisconsin HC Bret Bielema has a "tiger hawk" tattoo on his leg.

So, dude goes to Iowa (hate), gets leg tat (lame) of hawkey (hate) and then goes on to be the HC of Wisconsin (hate)?  Bielema might be the AntiGopher™.

Badass tat, broski.

Go Badgers? Brandi Bielema: Hey girl!

Bonus pic of Bielemas for obvious reasons.

FACT:  The state seal of Wisconsin is dumb.

There is just too much going on here.  Horn o plenty? Got it. Dude in a sailor outfit? Got it. Anchor? Yep. Pick-axe? Of course.  Gun? NO!  You know who's seal has a gun? F'n Minnesota, that's who.


"Hey friend, coming to the harvest dinner? Don't make me pick up my musket, bro."

FACT: Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer were from Wisconsin.

Two of the most disgusting human beings to walk the earth made Wisconsin their home.  These serial killers both collected human body parts and made things out of human skin. You poor bastards are so bored out of your mind that you put penii in jars for safekeeping.  Not cool, dudes.

FACT: Dahmer tattoo guy is a Badger fan.

FACT: "On Wisconsin" was originally written for the University of Minnesota.

That's right, your school's fight song was meant to be submitted to Minnesota as "Minnesota, Minnesota" by William T. Purdy.  Even more messed up is a modified version of that song is your state song!  Talk about swinging from our coattails, sheesh. Be sure and let us know if you need any more cool shit to use as everlasting symbols of your state.

You're Welcome


  1. stupid sconnies. Are you guys putting up the videos from tailgating?

  2. Ahem. Scoreboard.


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