Friday, September 25, 2015

Ask a Non-Season Ticket Holding Fan on Twitter: Ohio Bobcats

As we strive to bring you the best independent Gopher coverage, we've come to recognize that the media landscape has changed. We ditched our weekly paper newsletter last year and now have as many as four people dedicating up to 1% of their time to bring you the best in digital content. Seeing that innovation is now core to what we do, our latest feature utilizes the "social media" platform, "Twitter," to get some perspective from the Gophers' opponent this week: Ask a Non-Season Ticket Holding Fan on Twitter.

The idea is to get a better understanding of our worthy adversaries from the view of someone who might care about and follow the team, but might be equally likely to not know the name of the coach or their record last year. This is the hard-hitting stuff you've come to expect from us.

This week, we face the Ohio Bobcats from Athens, Georgia. We have two respondents this week, which is two more than I thought I could round up for this: @Buddha_Ohio and @NikkiLovesCO. Let's get right to it!

1) Do you refer to yourselves as Athenians? If no, why not?
Wisconsin?! This is what we call an inauspicious start, Buddha. Good gravy. Being an Athenian is better than any Badger affiliation, so let's give him the benefit of the doubt and pretend he said "Yes." What about Nicole?
This makes sense, it being the mascot and such, but it really feels like a missed opportunity. If the original Athens had a college team with a Woodpecker for a mascot, would they call themselves "Woodpeckers?" The ancient Spartans versus the Woodpeckers? No, no they would not.

2) Guessing you're a fan of REM since they're also from Athens. What's your favorite song and why?
How could you be so wrong and so right in the same tweet? Of course Ghostbusters is the best theme song/movie ever, but Ohio University is in Athens, Georgia, birthplace of Michael Stipe and Herschel Walker.

3) For Gopher fans visiting Athens for the game this weekend, where's the best place to grab breakfast and a beer?

There you go, Gopher fans, plenty of options for food and drink tomorrow. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the flight to Georgia this weekend, so hit it hard in my absence.

4) How offended will your players be if we start a "MOAR LIKE BOBCANTS" chant?

Huh. Fans that are generally successful at life but don't stick around until the end of the game. Seems kind of familiar. Also, sounds like it's safe to mock the players tomorrow!

5) What's the biggest thing Gopher fans should be concerned about?

Last time Solich faced the Gophers, he beat them by about 8,000. So let's get really drunk tonight to pre-forget!
I know of no other kind of drinking but heavy and angry. I'd be more concerned about this if our own fanbase wasn't at Defcon 2 and ready to tear itself apart in rage. We may need the angry, drunk Ohio fans to play the role of UN peacekeepers.

That's it for this week! Thanks again to Buddha and Nicole for getting us into the heads of Ohio fans. Give them a follow on the Twitters.

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