Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Company Matching for Gopher Athletics Drive

FIRST: This is informational only. Don't take anything here as gospel. This is informational only. Don't come back to me and say that I screwed you out of some tax shelter because I you got bad advice here. I'm not giving advice. This is informational only.

SECOND: Go http://www.giving.umn.edu/giving_opps/matching/index.html for details and all of the associated documents.  This site is informational only.

THIRD: This is informational only.

So, as you've no doubt heard, the public phase of the facilities campaign has kicked off with this fantastic site. It looks amazing and I've had facilitiesboner for going on 24 hours now. Anyway, you've probably read all about the splendor elsewhere; the point of this is to talk about fundraising - about which I know nothing. Specifically, I'll be talking about the company match. This is an overlooked aspect of fundraising, but the gist of it is many employers will match their employees contributions to charitable organizations. It just so happens, public colleges and universities are generally classified as such - this includes our beloved U of M.

I'll be listing some of the employers below, so if you happen to work at one and are considering donating to the facilities bonanza, make sure you fill out the necessary paperwork to get your company to match. It could go a long way to getting us to that $190MM mark.

This is informational only. Check with your company, accountant, tax advisor, attorney, God and whomever else before making any financial decision. This is informational only.

Company - Maximum match amount: URL for additional information. Unless otherwise noted, company match ratios are 1-1.

Ameriprise Financial - $2k: http://forms.matchinggifts.com/AmeripriseGuidelines.pdf

Best Buy - $1k: https://secure18.easymatch.com/bestbuy2/CustomerContent/common/Guidelines2.asp

Cargill - $2k: http://forms.matchinggifts.com/CargillGuidelines&Form.pdf

Carlson Companies - $1k: [not available]

Deluxe Corporation - $500: http://forms.matchinggifts.com/DeluxeCA.pdf

Donaldson Company - $1k: http://www.donaldson.com/en/about/content/032036.pdf

Ecolab - $1k: [not available]

General Mills - $5k: https://generalmills.yourcause.com/yourcause-sso/alternatelogin.aspx

Land O' Lakes - $1k: http://forms.matchinggifts.com/LandOLakesForm.pdf

Medtronic - $50k(!): http://forms.matchinggifts.com/MedtronicGuidelines.pdf

The Mosaic Company - $1k: http://forms.matchinggifts.com/MediaMosaic.pdf

Piper Jaffray - $1.5k: http://forms.matchinggifts.com/PiperJaffray14Guide.pdf

Securian - $2k: http://forms.matchinggifts.com/Securian.pdf

St. Jude Medical - $1k: http://www.sjm.com/corporate/careers/life-at-st-jude-medical/benefits-and-compensation

Supervalu - $500: http://www.supervalu.com/careers/employee-extras.html

Toro - $1k: [not available]

U.S. Bank - $1k: http://forms.matchinggifts.com/USBankForm.pdf

Xcel - $2k: https://secure1.easymatch.com/xcelenergygive/Applications/MatchingGifts/default.aspx?skip=guideline

3M - $250?: [lots of divisions - you'll need to figure this one out]

That's all the easy ones. If you've got any to add, holla at your boy!

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