Friday, September 5, 2014

Know Your Enemy Week 2: MTSU Blue Raiders


Actual instant messenger conversation after seeing the image above:

TRE:  Its just a mess.
Frothy: Minneapolis isn't Raider City though.
T: I'm completely confused.
F: Is the storm coming to Minneapolis?
T: Will they rename the city after they storm us?
F: What is their mascot?
T: Blue Raiders
F: What does that have to do with storms and lightning?
T: Not sure.  Mascot is named Lightning.
F: Is it a horse?
T: Sort of.  Anthropomorphic horse-guy.
T: Do they only raid when it storms?
F: I kind of dig it.  Like an inverse centaur.
T: Yes.
F: Like a minotaur, but a horse.
F: Oh wait, he has wings.
T: WHAT?  Like a pegasus-man?
F: Pretty badass mascot, imo.
T: My Little Pony
F: Yeah, some brony at work there.
F: Whoa.  From wiki:

MTSU's original mascot was Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate General and the founder of the Ku Klux Klan. Because of Forrest's ties to the Ku Klux Klan, the mascot was later changed to a blue-colored scent hound dog named "Ole Blue" in the 1970s.

MTSU's current mascot is a blue winged horse named "Lightning," adopted as the mascot in 1998, when the athletics department updated its image in preparation for the 1999 upgrade to Division I-A football and subsequent transfer to the Sun Belt Conference.[8] "Lightning" symbolizes the university's aerospace and horse science programs and the region's heritage in the walking horse industry.[9]

T: WHAT? Horse science has evolved.
F: Moar like pegasus science.
T: Put effing wings on horses now.


They're a freaking Klan school that partakes in some sort of Island of Dr. Moreau shit on horses.

That's MTSU on the left.


Oh, you're still here?  I suppose I could at mention something about the football.

MTSU cruised to a 61-7 win over lowly Savannah State last week.  Their QB went 15-17, they scored a million TDs on the ground, and they dominated on special teams as well.

Against Savannah State.

Savannah state went 1-11 (0-8) in 2013 playing in the MEAC, whatever that is.  So, unless you think Minnesota is akin to Morgan State, there isn't a lot to take from this big win.

MTSU is coming off of an 8 win season, but no longer has QB Logan Kilgore or the top two receivers from last year.  Both guards and the center are new this year as well.  So, hopefully the new Gopher starter at NT Steven Richardson is ready do some damage.  They do return a stable of running backs and new QB Austin Grammer can also run it.

The MTSU defense is filled with a number of veterans and they are strong up the middle defensively.  Junior T.T. Barber is the weak side linebacker and the one to watch on defense.  He led the team in tackles with 98 last year and sprinkled in some sacks and passes defensed as well.  Leighton Gasque is on the other side at linebacker and is a frequent blitzer, recording 5 sacks last season.  Kevin Byard at safety is another standout. 

MTSU All-Namers

Keemem Berry, CB - Like Mushmouth saying Keenan.
Canon Rooker, PK - Should have been a priest or a quarterback.
Quay Watt, LB - "Quay Watt? I can't hear you"
Chase Pennycuff, FB - Wears a monocle.
Ed'Marques Batties, WR - just awesome
Sir Patrick Stewart, DT - Picard!
O'Shae Bridges, DT - 239 lb leprechaun

MTSU Team Apostrophe count: 3

Prediction Time!

TRE thinks the Gophers passing game is helped by the return of Wolitarsky and that storm is not in fact coming to Minneapolis.  Gophers 41, Pegasus-Men 24.

Frothy says he thinks the Gophers are down at the half but rally to win, 35-21And adds, "Deez nuts".


  1. Middle fan here. Enjoyed the read- made me chuckle. Good luck to the Gophers tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Casey - Good luck and don't drink too much lean during the game!