Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Catharsis through Visualization

Ok, so the last few days have been what we in the blogging business would call "sub-optimal." We lost our QB recruit, then got t-boned by the Fighting Khakis. We cried a little, we yelled a little, we lost some friends and maybe didn't get any new ones. But we're here, it's Tuesday and we have a very winnable game against a team maybe worse than we are. For a trophy even (sort of) as the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy (sort of) makes a comeback (noted parenthetically as neither schools seems to be officially sanctioning it, so five fans in the Maroon Lot may end up making the exchange. A little anticlimactic, but still pretty cool).

Anyway, let's turn those frowns upside down and get ourselves feeling good about the program again. I took a psychology class in high school and I vaguely remember something about visualization being somewhat helpful in effecting positive mood changes. So let's give that a shot and I'm sure we'll all feel better!

You wake up in the morning in a hotel room. It's a beautiful day outside. And it's Gopher game day!

You get your best Gopher gear out. Today is a special day!

You stop at a local restaurant to get some breakfast. You need a good base for the beer later!

Sated by a mountain of meat and cheese substance, you head our to your rental car. This is a special trip, so you splurged and rented the 804-horsepower 2015 Aston Martin Vulcan, one of only 25 made. You'll be at the tailgate lots in no time!

You've arrived at the tailgate lots. The Vulcan doesn't drive on grass so well and it's finely-tuned suspension doesn't keep you from repeatedly bottoming out; but it's a rental - who cares? 

You pull into a spot next to some friends of yours. Everyone is dancing and jolly. Why?

Because OMG, we're at the Rose Bowl! This is the best! You're constantly soblaughing, but it's okay because so is every other Gopher fan. You consider stabbing anyone that gets to close to you out of fear they may wake you from a dream.

After wandering around for a bit, you head back for some serious tailgating. Somehow you fit your beer pong table in the Vulcan, which everyone appreciates. You're such a good fan and friend!

After a few hours, you're drunk as hell (but no throwin' up - you may yet see the lights of the Goodyear Blimp) but not blackout. This is too important a thing and you want to remember it until your dying breath. You decide to go into the stadium and take it all in.

The stadium is starting to fill up and game time is getting near so you go take your seat for the Star Spangled Banner.

OMG they're doing the card flag thing! You're so blesst!

The game starts, you're cheering your ass off but not letting the outcome of it affect your mood, because you're looking at the sun set on the San Gabriel Mountains.

Life is so damn good.

We'll get there, Gopher fans. We'll get there.

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