Tuesday, October 31, 2017

QB's Out (Demry's Song)

The following parody is sung to the tune of Billy Joel's "Movin' Up (Anthony's Song)." If you aren't an old an you need a frame of reference, you can find the original song on YouTube.

"QB's Out (Demry's Song)"

Dem-ry plays as at football thrower
Savin’ his good throws for someday
Mama Heather left a note on the door
She said, Demry don’t dare get too comfy
Waitin’ too long will get you sack sack ack ack ack ack ack acked

You oughta know by now (You oughta know by now)

If you don’t throw you will just get sacked
But is that going to get you the money?

But he always takes too much time
He just can’t get the ball out
Demry just speed it up
Or juuuuust throw it out

Just throw it out

Coach PJ Fleck is always upbeat
But today he’d like to go on a bender
He works at Gibson/Nagurski just north of 5th street
Watching the Guards and the Centers
But all he wants is a quarterback back back back back back back back

Which he should have had by now (He should have had by now)

He’s got more than he needs
In a Running Back
With Shannon & Rodney & Kobe

The last staff wasted so much time
Not a single QB to tout
“Heather, if that’s QB play
Then geeeeeeet, them all out”
Get them all out

But you can never argue with a snoring man man man man man man
He’s been asleep for hours (he’s been asleep for hours)
You can pay the recruits with your bagmen
But what do you get for your money?

It’s just too much of a bind
There’s just no easy bailout
Time to recruit up
Get theeeeeeese QB’s out

Get these QB's out

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