Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Evangelizing Goldy - Post-USC Talking Points

Here's our take on the weekend's happening to help evangelize Gopher Nation/Gold Country/KILL Zone/47-years of Despair-ville. If there's one thing we've become good at, it's rationalizing our shortcomings. Use these fact nuggets and rhetorical questions to respond to the h8rs and convert the non-believers.
  1. Did you really think the Gophers would lose to USC at the Coliseum by two points, with a chance to win late. Did you really? If you did, I hope you pounded the Gophers +24 line to dust last week.
  2. The first half of the USC Game was a cluster, for sure. It reminded me of Brewsterball Redux as well. But weren't you impressed with the second-half adjustments that held the Trojans scoreless? When was the last time we saw coaching like that?
  3. Max Shortell looked really poised after Gray came out, didn't he? The Gophers may legitimately have two quality QBs. It's been a while since that happened, amirite? Still, Gray should be the starter, given his athleticism and familiarity with the offense. Still, it'll be great to see if Max gets a couple of series per game to continue his development. Can you imagine having to put a game plan together for both of those dudes?
  4. Yeah, no sacks and we didn't get much pressure on Barkley. But that was based more on USC's scheme than anything else. Lots of short passes and WR screens that allowed him to get rid of the ball in three seconds. Plus, Barkley is the most pro-ready QB we've seen all year and it was USC, after all. You think we should wait for a few weeks to declare a defensive line crisis? Me too.
  5. The Gophers play New Mexico state this week. They are a historically bad program, so it should be a pretty easy win. They did throw for over 300 yards in a home loss to Ohio last week, which means we should get a chance to see if our secondary and d-line have some potential. By the way, it's our home opener and there are tickets available. Will you stop by and play giant Jenga with us in the tailgate lot?

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