Monday, September 26, 2011

The Walking Dead on AMC - Season 2 Preview

This week on stillgothope? we're branching out.  The team that shall not be named has hurt us too much to write about them for the time being.  Since they stumbled around like zombies last Saturday, I thought it apropos that I post something about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead.

On October 16th, season 2 of The Walking Dead returns to AMC.  In case you missed it last fall, the first season opened on October 31st and ran for just six weeks.  It was six weeks of kick-ass though.  Now, for those of you that might have seen it, you're probably saying, "But TRE, the writing was bad and predictable."  I know that, you guys.  The writing wasn't the best in season one.  However, the comic book series apparently has a decent plot line to follow and the images were awesome... And the zombies.  The sweet, sweet, zombies!

The makeup and effects were top notch in season one.  The downtown Atlanta scenes were great.  The zombies are the slow moving variety for the most part; they just shuffle to and fro unless they get your scent or hear a loud noise.  If that happens, all bets are off and they start moving with a quickness.

The series is based on the comic book by the same name written by Robert Kirkman and a couple of other dudes.  Of course they borrow a lot of George A. Romero's classic zombie movie formula.  So some of the stuff may seem redundant, but if you're like me you'll love it anyway.

The main character is Rick Grimes, a former sheriff's deputy that was shot in the line of duty and awakens from a coma to a zombie apocalypse. If you've seen 28 Days Later, you've seen this before.

28 Days Later Was Actually Written After The Walking Dead Comic

Grimes gets out of the hospital and runs into Token Black Guy Surviving on His Own With His Son.  From there he learns that the CDC has set up a "safe zone" in Atlanta and since he has a missing wife and son (of course) he determines that he should go there even though it should be obvious that the place is overrun by zombies.  He leaves Token and Son and heads to the city after arming himself at the police station.  Oh, he rides in on a horse, which is pretty cool too. 

Meanwhile his wife and kid are alive and surviving at a little campsite deal outside the city.  His wife has given up on Rick and is now banging Rick's former partner. (oh no she di'n't.) Rick's wife is played by Sarah Wayne Callies, who you may remember from Prison Break as Sara Tancredi.  So, we know she's turned on by dudes that constantly speak in a whisper.

T-Bag form Prison Break would make a great zombie
In the city, Grimes gets himself in a sticky wicket and is saved by the Asian kid from the Goonies in adult form. Goonies hooks Rick up with the rest of their group that is in the city for a supply run and just happens to be a part of the camp that his wife and kid are at.  Rick has to lay down the law on token racist KKK guy who is beating on a new black guy (not black guy with son).  I should remember their names, but you get the idea.  They end up handcuffing fundamentalist KKK guy to the roof of a building and getting back to the camp without him because of a zombie attack.

Goonies Kid is apparently named Glenn

At the camp, there is the reunion between Rick and his wife and kid.  Best buddy/wife humper Shane is all sulky because his insta-family is now gone.  KKK guy has a brother at camp that is pissed off that they left his Aryan bro behind.  He appears to be slightly less racist than his bro.  So, Rick feels bad that they chained up KKK guy so they go back for him and Rick's guns which he left behind when Goonies helped him out of a jam.  They cruise back out there and lo and behold KKK guy sawed his hand off and is gone.  They do get the guns and head back to camp.  Zombies attack the camp and one of them gets injured, so they make their way to the CDC to get assistance.  Once there they find that one Doctor remains, but he's gone nutso and tries to blow up the building with everyone in it.  Just before he triggers the explosion he whispers a secret into Rick's ear - he's probably telling him he looks great in his sheriff's uniform.  So, CDC blows up and some of the people part ways and go in different directions.  Rick is all like, "the city sucks let's go to the country."  So, now you're up to date.  Check out the trailer:

Some questions I'll be looking for answers to in Season 2 (keep in mind I haven't read the comics):

  • Will a zombie get killed by pitchfork on a farm?
  • Are new characters going to be added because we're running low on hot chicks?
  • Supposedly the intensity is going to pick up in season 2, but will they go Game of Thrones and start killing off main characters?
  • Will any zombies record a quarterback sack?
  • Does KKK no-hand guy make a re-appearance?

There's a drinking a game in here somewhere too.  Maybe I'll revisit this with some rules before October 16th.

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