Friday, September 23, 2011

Three Days Later Live Blog - Miami (OH) Edition

Also the six days later edition. I was in charge of it this week, while TRE was on the oxygen tank getting his breath back. A combination of epic drunjery and laziness made my first foray an epic fail. Enjoy my suckitude:

8.41 drinking beer 1. A hamm's. Too Short rapping. Still hammed from last night. Whaaaaaa! Kevin (meaty beans) doing wife check already. Bad omen.

9.05 Meaty Beans cooking. Subwoofer in trouble. It may be a hip hop treble party. SFTG is packed.

9.10 Hamm's is like esophageal gonorrhea.

9.23 first other tailgaters showed up. Interest seems to gave waned in the program. Weird.

9.49 realized I forgot the goldschlager. Failure for life.

10.28 TRE, who will be drunk for the remainder of his short, short life "Oh, Hamm's!! Fuck!"

11.25 Jenga! It's way more fun when it's taller than the short players.

11.54 Douches come over. Want to choke slam badly.

12.50 Drunken Jenna waaaay harder than quasi-sober Jenga.    Also, what kind of spray wears plaid slippers to tailgating?

1.05 Penn St losing. To Temple. That may actually be happening or I could just be effing bombed.

1.34 great times holding the f-in tent good food great playlist X

2.12 Headed to stadium. #blackout

2.58 Tied up. We can take teh lead.

3.33 3 and 3 here we go. And...awful. Here we go for a fg.  Yay.

3.54 And here it is before teh half.

4.28 Drunk. Driving well [the Gophers, not me, you guys]. Too drunj to know better.

4.30 Awful call. Fouling see it coming

4.31 Hawthorne has to make this

4.36 10 yards, he's a red. A filthy, commie Szerbiak.

4.40 and we're losing. GD it.


4.48 and we're driving.

4.49 and we're winning. Holy effing shit.

5.06 and we're still winning

5.07 and we're not losing. Effing eff.

5.11 And Gray apparently overthrew him. Eff.

5.18 Hello security guard. nwork, iceman

5.21 great catch by Harwell. Won't bet against him in teh future.

5.22 Lewis. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck

5.24 that is totally something that happens to the Gophs

5.25 F my m effing life. Eff. Eff. Eff.

5.27 eff. We has teh ball. No one believes.

5.29 Kirkland.

5.30 huge huge huge

5.31 awful awful awful awful

5.34 eff. Eff. Eff. Eff. Eff. I just want to win. Win.

5.37 kill me with a hammer

5.39 eff my life on our defense

5.41 eff me

5.42 and per the norm, the QB rushes for greatness.

5.50 if they score here, i'm diving off the roof of the stadium

5.52 ugh. We win. Holy eff. Exhausted.

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